Who We Are

Our Team

Our team is comprised of producers, technical directors, designers and logistics experts.

We’ve been around as a company for almost twenty years, and our combined individual experience in most every facet of the meeting and event industry numbers decades more. This kind of experience enables us to be a valuable extension to any event planning team.

M squared OnStage performs like a team that has been together for years – because we have. Our consistency in staff has helped create efficiencies in all we do, and it also enables us to challenge and support each other in a positive way that helps bring unique solutions to the needs of our customers.

We pride ourselves in providing an unrivaled level of customer service. Everything we do is backed by a “service first” attitude.


Our approach is simple.  We begin each project with the simple question, “How can we help?”

From there, we listen, ask questions and listen more, for the purpose of understanding your needs and goals and how best to achieve them.  With this understanding, we develop experience-based solutions that are designed to meet your needs and your budget.

While focused on your success, we also understand that our involvement can have an impact on other areas of your project. We fulfill our responsibilities to you with that in mind, knowing that our role in an event can be but one in a multi-layered and multi-person endeavor.  We play nice in the sandbox!

We aim to become a true partner with you; one you can count on again and again. We will become your ally and advocate and will immerse ourselves into your project as if it were our own.


Our culture is based on integrity, trust, honesty and fairness. These values make us who we are.

We put as much importance on these principles as we do in in our knowledge and experience. You can trust us to do our job well, with confidence that we will be everything you expect in a true partner. Our ongoing promise to you is to earn your business, never take it for granted and for you to always be happy for choosing us.

But be forewarned, we like to have fun. You know the old saying, “All work and no play…”. We feel that through fun comes the ability to remain fresh and creative, a must for our customers. It also keeps us sane.


When it comes to value, our goal is to become invaluable to you. No matter how you perceive value, we deliver.

We deliver by virtue of what we bring to you; creativity, knowledge, experience, commitment, responsibility, trust, that secure feeling that we will actually do what we say we’ll do, when it’s due, and priced as promised. Value is not just a monetary conclusion, though at the end of the day, we’re usually a financial bargain to boot.

We hope you’ll allow us the opportunity to prove ourselves to you!