Our team is comprised of producers, technical directors, designers and logistics experts.

M squared OnStage performs like a team that has been together for years – because we have. Our consistency in staff has helped create efficiencies in all we do. This enables us to challenge and support each other in a positive way that helps bring unique solutions to the needs of our customers.


Our People
Our staff has countless years of industry involvement. Even with that wealth of experience, we are never complacent. We continue to hone our abilities, increase our efficiencies, and broaden our creativity.

We invite individuals to join our company who will make us better. The need for knowledge and ability is a given, but we also focus on the best personality fit, compatibility and the inherent desire to do whatever it takes for our customers’ success.

With a longstanding professional staff, our customers feel confident knowing they will have consistent support from people who understand their needs and expectations.

Our Experience
Experience counts! We know what it takes to produce successful events – not just from our perspective, but yours as well.  We understand the numerous criteria that affect your planning processes – the multiple people who count on you, fulfilling attendee expectations and dealing with changing schedules.  Not to be overlooked are F&B responsibilities, transportation challenges and keeping the Fire Marshall happy.  The list goes on. We understand branding standards, space configurations, facility rules and hand-holding keynote speakers and entertainers.

We know how to identify red flags, poison pen clauses and planning for the unexpected.  And… we know you look forward to saying, “Great. I can check that off my list.”.

Throughout the entire process, we understand that our role can be but one in a multi-layered and multi-person endeavor.  We play nice in the sandbox!

Our Approach

We begin by learning how we can help you.

We ask questions, a lot of questions.  We want to learn about YOU, your project, your expectations, your budget. What has worked in the past? What hasn’t?

We listen.  As we learn more about your needs, we ask more questions. It’s a guided conversation designed specifically to elicit that information which sometimes customers don’t even know yet. This guided/consultative process is designed to provide a focused drive toward a common goal – your success.

Sometimes you know exactly what you want – then it’s our job to extract all your important details, combine them with our expertise, and turn them into your realized event.

There may be times when you need help identifying your needs – then it’s our job to help hone your ideas into an actionable plan to help create that exceptional event you have envisioned.

Our goal is to become a true partner with you; one you can count on again and again. We will become your ally and advocate and will immerse ourselves into your project as if it were our own.

Our Personality
We like to have fun. This doesn’t mean we’re unprofessional – far from it. While we take our responsibilities seriously, we feel a fun-loving attitude enables us to remain fresh, a must for keeping those creative juices flowing. It also keeps us sane.



Our VALUE is what differentiates us.

Creativity, knowledge, service and commitment. These are just some of the strengths that have led to our years of success and make M squared OnStage who we are.


You will find us to be fair, loyal and dedicated to your success. Our goal is to provide you with great service and reliable support. You will receive our utmost respect, and we will strive to earn yours.

Experience has taught us that the little things often make the biggest difference. We take nothing for granted no matter how small it may seem. We embrace challenges and coming up with creative solutions.  We take pride in our work and live for that verbal applause when a customer says, “Thank you!”

We’re huge on commitment. When we make a promise, we keep it. Our values are the foundation of our ongoing commitment to you: to earn your business, your trust and your respect.

"When it comes to VALUE, our goal is to become INVALUABLE to you."



Our business is based on RELATIONSHIPS.

We take pride in the years of relationships we have with our customers. We have evolved and have been successful … together. As with any relationship, ours are built on a foundation of trust and commitment.

We’re proud of our tenure with our clients. Below are a few clients we’ve worked with for over 10, 15, even 20+ years.