We provide effective communication, education, marketing and networking solutions through virtual event offerings.

Adapting our knowledge and experience of live, in-person events into designing and producing successful virtual events has enabled us to remain vital partners to numerous organizations who needed help navigating the new, virtual world.


M squared OnStage understands the differences and also, the similarities between in-person and virtual events. With so many options available, variables and criteria to consider and questions to answer, selecting a knowledgeable and trustworthy production partner to assist you with your virtual events is just as important as with your in-person events.

We understand the nuances of virtual events, the challenges involved and assumptions held. We also know the client-side experience – the need to balance budgets, event offerings, software integrations, security and and ease of use. Let’s not forget about attendee and exhibitor/sponsor retention.

Then comes the newest challenge for most planners – identifying and understanding the differences between virtual event platforms to help make the best selection. We have the knowledge to help in this important decision-making process.